Broadband Video On Demand in Dish Network

Broadband Video On Demand of Dish Network is an option to place order for on demand movies, shows and adult programs. There are three types of Broadband Video On Demand and they are:

  • Dish Cinema
  • TV Shows
  • Midnight Lounge

These three sections are parts of Dish On Demand. And subscribers should press DVR button on Dish Network remote to access them. The “Dish Cinema” contains the list of all the on demand movies rendered by Dish Network for particular time period. The “TV Show” indicates the list containing on demand titles of new and classic TV shows. While the Midnight Lounge gives subscribers the list of adult shows and movies to be televised as Dish On Demand.

Ways of Ordering: To order movies, shows and adult shows available in various listings of Broadband Video On Demand is easy and simple. Below is given a short explanation.

Dish Cinema Movies: Dish Cinema contains thousands of movie titles including both latest and classic movies. Many titles are rendered for free. A movie once ordered from Dish Cinema will be available for only 24 hours. To order Dish Cinema movies, subscribers should follow the following steps.

  • Press the DVR button on remote
  • Highlight and select “Dish Cinema”
  • Find and select a movie from different titles and thereby follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

If subscribers possess HDTV then they can order movies available in HD format. While selecting a movie title, subscribers can scroll through different listings. They can find separate listings of movies namely New Releases, Special Offers, Explore Movies, Search Movies etc. They can also check their 30-day rental history in “My Rentals” to avoid ordering the same title.

Ordering TV Shows: On demand TV shows are available in thousands. Subscribers should check these listings and select the desired one. Many episodes of different TV shows are rendered for free. Subscribers can directly record those kind of titles to their DVRs. Subscribers will have 24 hours to watch a show after ordering. To order, they should go with the points mentioned below.

  • Press DVR button on remote
  • Highlight and select “TV Shows”
  • Find and select the desired show
  • Follow the on-screen instruction to accomplish the order

Subscribers can search their desired TV show by going through a number of listings. Subscribers can search their desired show in different listings such as Most Popular, Browse By Network, Search TV Shows. My Rentals provide subscribers their 30-day rental history to prevent confusions.

Ordering midnight Lounge Movies: Midnight Lounge contains on demand titles of adult-oriented movies. These movies will be available to watch for 24 hours after ordering. To order such on demand movies subscribers have to follow the steps as given below.

  • Press the DVR button on remote
  • Highlight and select “Midnight Lounge”
  • Scroll through the different listings and select one title
  • Follow the on-screen instruction to complete the order

The different listings are available under headings Featured, Explore Movies, Search Movies. My Rentals consists the list of movies ordered in past 30 days. This help subscribers to identify already ordered movie.

Thus, ordering Broadband Video On Demand movies, shows and adult shows is simple. Subscribers can go through various listings before ordering a particular movie or show. If they already have a title in their mind, they can search it by title, actor, keywords etc.

But to access Broadband Video On Demand, subscribers need to have select DVR models namely 622, 722, 722k, and 922 as this option is available only in these DVR receivers. Subscribers must have their Dish Network receiver connected to broadband service to order.

There is one more option called Video On Demand in Dish Network to order on demand movies. Video On Demand renders list of on demand movies in channel 1 and 501. Subscribers, using Dish Network remote must go to either of these two channels to order movies. Once ordered, the movies will be available for only 24 hours. Video on Demand movie listings are available in more number of DVR receiver models namely 512, 522, 612, 622, 625, 722, 722k, and 922. The receiver should be connected to phone service or broadband service to order Video On Demand movies.

The basic difference between Video On Demand and Broadband Video on Demand listings is that the former is located on two Dish Network channels while the later is located in the DISH On Demand menu. And both are available on select models of DVR receivers of Dish Network.

The HTC One X And Samsung Galaxy S2 – Comparing Their Key Features

The HTC One X is the manufacturer’s latest flagship, sporting key features such as the new Android ‘Ice Cream Sandwich’ operating system, HTC’s most advanced camera and screen to date, a new version of HTC Sense, and wealth of other impressive features. In this article I will compare the HTC One X with the Samsung  Galaxy  S2, which is Samsung’s most popular Android smartphone to date, so you can decide which phone best suits  your  needs.

The HTC One X showcases HTC’s latest advancements in just about every part of its spec list. The screen measures up at 4.7 inches, so it is rather large. Despite this size, the resolution stands at 720x 1280, so the combination of high resolution and large dimensions ensures great multimedia usage such as watching HD videos or viewing photo slideshows. The screen technology utilised is super IPS LCD2 capacitive, meaning that on screen content is bright, with great detail and colour rendering. The Samsung  Galaxy  S2 on the other hand has a Super AMOLED Plus capacitive touchscreen. This screen is well known for its brightness, display quality and wide viewing angles. The resolution and size are below those of the HTC One X. This is largely due to the fact that the phone was released over a year ago, whereas the HTC One X has much more up to date technology, having only been unveiled last month. The Samsung  Galaxy  S2 has a 4.3 inch screen, so it is only slightly smaller. The resolution of this is 480x 800, which at the time of the phone’s release was considered cutting edge which goes to show how quickly smartphone technology evolves.

The HTC One X comes with the new version of Android, called ‘Ice Cream Sandwich. This sports features like Face Unlock, along with a massive overhaul to the aesthetics and functionality of the user interface. The Samsung  Galaxy  S2 on the other hand, ships with the previous version of Android which is dubbed ‘Gingerbread’. The handset supports an update to the new version though, with most UK networks rolling out an over the air update shortly.

When it comes to processing power, the HTC One X reigns supreme, with a quad-core processor on hand to provide outstanding performance, with a clock speed of 1.5 GHz. This makes it one of the most powerful smartphones out there, matched by only a couple of other handsets. The Samsung  Galaxy  S2 has slightly less processing power, with a 1.2 GHz dual-core chip. This is still capable of providing a great user experience, and unless you are well versed in this technology, you are unlikely to notice the difference during day to day use.

As you can see, the HTC One X is a very impressive smartphone. However, the Samsung  Galaxy  S2, despite being a year old is still an excellent choice. If you want the latest and greatest smartphone technology, the HTC One X may be the phone for you. If you want a reliable, high performance which is the choice of some 40 million users then look no further than the Samsung  Galaxy  S2.

Latest Teenager Pregnancy Statistics – Is There Good News?

Did You Know: 3 in 10 girls in the United States gets pregnant before age 20.

Finally Some Good News – Teen Pregnancy

Could it be? Good news about teen pregnancy rates? According to the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy, teen pregnancy rates in the United States declined 38 percent between 1990 and 2004. Teen birth rate also declined 32 percent between 1991 and 2006. This was the case across all ethnic groups. More teenagers are waiting longer before having sex and those who were sexually active were using contraception. Great news right?

Well, it is good news that teenage pregnancies are were falling because it is noted that some teenagers are waiting longer. That is commendable. Shows better self-control. Shows perhaps some teenagers are putting a greater value on themselves, their body, as well as their actions.

However the fact that most of the decrease was due to the wider use of contraceptives doesn’t say anything about the continual growth of promiscuous living. Promiscuous living is live and well, all the more as media continues to feed such lifestyles as normal and something to be emulated. Sex is glamorized, one night stands common, making “love” and giving yourself to someone painted as something special. TV Shows, Movies, Music videos among other forms of media also often portrays that happiness can only be found in that one and only, thus fueling girls to make it their goal to find that perfect guy and giving up themselves along the process. As recent as 2007, 50% of teens have already had sex, 33% already by 9th grade.

That Wasn’t the Only Catch

Unfortunately this good news has recently taken a back step. Between 2005 and 2007, teen birth rates turned positive increasing 5 percent. The decline in sexual activity and the increase in contraceptive use both have come to halt.

% Decline on an Alarming Number is still Alarming

Between 1990 and 2006 we’ve seen visible decline in teen pregnancy rates and and teen births, but it’s still been estimated that 3 in 10 girls in the United States get pregnancy by age 20. 3 in 10. Let that sink for a moment. Think about your daughter and 2 of her friends. It is very possible that 1 out of the 3 will be pregnant by the time they are 20. When segmented into ethnicities, some of these pregnancy statistics become even more alarming. For example both Black and Latino girls show a pregnancy rate before the age 20 over 50%. That is every other girl. It gets no better in the following years as 6 in 10 pregnancies to women aged 20-24 were unplanned.

As of 2006, the United States also has one of the highest teen birth rates worldwide. 1.5X the rate of the United Kingdom which is the highest teen birth rate in Europe. 3X the birth rate as Canada. 8X the teen birth rate of Japan.

Most Teenage Pregnancies Don’t make it to Birth

Many media outlets are reporting that The National Campaign reports there are 730,000 teen pregnancies and more than 400,000 teen births annually. That is a very significant figure, however another small tidbit of statistic that is being lost here is.

What happened to the 330,000 pregnancies that did not result in a birth? 330,000 babies are aborted or simply don’t survive and reach birth. That is 45% of all teen births. Children of teenage pregnancies are far less likely to to get regular prenatal care which only compounds the problem that teenager births are often premature with low birth weights. Teen births are also twice as likely to suffer abuse and neglect. Also let’s not forget the psychological pains that will weigh on the teens mind if their child either is aborted or doesn’t make it to birth. The psychological trauma and emotional pains often go unreported but is well documented.

The Teenager Mother?

  • Often undocumented psychological trauma and emotion pains of losing a child either through abortion or immature deaths.
  • Fewer than half of teen mothers age 17 and younger ever graduate high school
  • Fewer than 2% earn a college degree by age 30.
  • 25% of teen mothers end up with a second child within 2 years.
  • 8 out of 10 fathers don’t marry the teen mother.
  • Daughters of teen mothers more likely to become teen mothers

Countering the Teen Pregnancy Statistics

Before we all despair, statistics show parents still have strong influence.

  • 50% of the teenagers say their parents influence their decisions about sex more than friends.

Also there are ample teaching moments to give even after they have given themselves always to instill proper values or at least have an open dialogue about the issues of sex.

  • 6 in 10 teenagers who had sex wish they had waited

Lastly, parents still can use their authority to control a teen’s media intake. Parents can screen movies, limit TV shows, filter the type of music their teens listen to, and monitor or filter their internet usage. Be strict about what kind of content they watch. Studies have been published that Links Pregnancy with Watching Sexy TV Shows. Parents need to take control.

Also parents themselves can hold themselves to a higher standard by not watching any movies, TV shows or any other questionable material that promote promiscuous living or glamorizes sex. It can be beneficial both for your child, but also allows concerned parents to push against and refuse to support bad programming.

Samsung Galaxy S2 – Smartphone With A Class

Even though Samsung  Galaxy  S3 has already been launched recently and is being well received by the audience, the success of its predecessor, i.e., Samsung  Galaxy  S2 still continues to surge. This device is fast, thin and beautiful and has got a brilliant camera along with a vivid screen.

The design of Samsung  Galaxy  S2 is pretty appealing with a curved screen that resembles  Galaxy  Nexus. The back of the phone consists of a plastic colors that can easily be opened in order to change the battery, SIM card or the microSD card. The overall texture of the phones looks nice. This phone is also amongst the slimmest smartphones available today and is just 8.49 mm thick. A 1.12 GHz dual-core “Exynos” processor powers this great device. It consists of 1 GB RAM and a Super AMOLED Plus screen that provides a better display than other phones of this category. There is an 8 Megapixel camera in the phone containing flash and 1080p video recording. On a single full charge of battery,  Galaxy  S2 will provide you up to ten hours of heavy usage whereas in case of lighter usage, the battery might last for a couple of days. The internal memory of the phone is whopping 16GB and a microSD card slot is provided in the phone that allows you to expand the phone memory to up to 64 GB using a microSDXC card.

The display of the phone is covered by Gorilla Glass and has an oleophobic fingerprint-resistant coating. The glass also helps in grain reduction and provides with much sharper text and images. Amongst the best things that you can find in Samsung  Galaxy  S2 is the brilliant audio hardware that is provided by Yamaha. There is a primary camera of 2 MP in this phone for the purpose of video calling, taking video as well as recording videos with a maximum resolution of 640×480 pixels.

In this phone, the manufacturer has also included a new definition connection technology, i.e., Mobile High-Definition Link or MHL. The main advantage of using MHL is that it’s optimized for the mobile phones and allows the battery of the mobile to be charged while at the same time playing the media content. There is a 3.5 mm TRRS headset jack available and is located at the top of the device, whereas a micro USB connection port can easily be found on the bottom of the device.

How Do You Stay So Motivated?

I have many wonderful opportunities to meet with people from all walks of life. I meet some top executives during my corporate consultancy work with major organisations and, I meet many individuals, from diverse backgrounds, during my seminars and clinic sessions.

Surprisingly, their questions and issues are very similar. One of the most frequent questions is, ‘How do you stay so motivated?’ The one-word answer is, ‘Passion!’ To expand a little, I choose to run my emotions.

The power of emotions: Your emotions are incredibly powerful. They can change your behaviour, your perceptions, your actions and your reactions. Whenever something affects your emotions, then with a click and a whirr, as you change the way you feel, you change the way you behave. It is a simple neuro-chemical reaction that can be demonstrated and replicated in clinical trials.

The ‘ouch’ factor: When you let outside influences affect your emotions, this reaction can work in one of two directions. It can empower you to discover more options, to make better choices and to enrich your life and the lives of others. Or, it can create an ‘ouch’ factor where small obstacles appear to be mountainous, where you feel lethargic, discouraged and distinctly beyond your sell by date.

The guaranteed antidote: To avoid ‘ouch’ and always ensure that your emotions move you positively ahead, instead of letting outside influences prevail, simply choose to run your emotions for yourself. Passion Power is the tool to use.

The psycho stuff: To become and stay motivated, you need good, positive and compelling emotions. These are ignited by your thoughts. So think good, positive and compelling thoughts and your motivation will cut in. There is a lot more of this psycho stuff in my NLP courses, my hypnosis workshops – including self-hypnosis, and many of my other events and products. For now, becoming aware of your thoughts and switching them to positive will ignite your emotions.

Passion Power Delivered: Stop and think for a moment. Who or what are you truly passionate about? If you are anything like me, you will have a whole menu of options. I am passionate about my wife, my three beautiful children, life, work, people, making a difference… and the list goes on.

Choose just one passion from your list. What do you feel when you are with that person or doing that thing?

See what you would see then. Feel what you would feel then. Touch, smell, listen and experience what you would sense then. Stand, breathe and speak as you would then. Now increase the volume. Make the picture bigger and brighter. Let the emotions flow. Feel them with every fibre of your being.

You get the picture! Your positive thoughts create your emotions, your passion energises your thoughts and the resulting passionate emotions create your unlimited motivation. With passion, your motivation will resonate and shine.

I appreciate you all. Have an amazing day… be passionate… make contagious changes

Come Tour The Solar System!

Do you ever look up at the night sky and wonder what are all those objects up there? Where do we on the earth fit in? We here on earth are part of the solar system, which is part of a larger entity, the Milky Way   Galaxy .

A  galaxy  is a combination of gas, dust, and billions of stars that are held together by gravity.  Galaxies  can be spirals, barred-spirals, elliptical, and irregular shaped. Our Milky Way  Galaxy  is a spiral  galaxy .

Our solar system is made up of eight (Or nine depending on how you count.) planets, asteroids, meteors, comets, and the sun. The sun is approximately 93,000,000 miles away from Earth and is the center of the solar system. The sun is a star that gives off energy from nuclear reactions in its core.

The planets in order from the sun are Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto (If you count it.). The word “planet” has a Greek origin that means “the wanderer”. “Wanderer” because they seemed to “wander” across the sky. Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, and Pluto are considered “terrestrial” meaning they are like Earth in that they have rocky surfaces. The outer planets are considered gaseous because they are made out of a hydrogen and helium inner and outer mantle with a rocky core. Each planet takes a different amount of time to orbit the sun. Mercury has the shortest orbital period of only 88 Earth days. Pluto of course has the longest orbital period of 248.5 Earth years.

Some of the planets have moons that orbit them. Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto all have at least one or more moons. Some of the outer planets have rings around them. Saturn is the most famous for this. The rings are made of billions of ice-covered rock fragments and dust particles.

There are a number of other celestial bodies orbiting our sun. Asteroids, comets and meteors are scattered throughout our solar system. Asteroids are pieces of left over planet, which mostly exist in the Asteroid Belt between Mars and Jupiter. They can be as small as gravel or hundreds of miles across.

Comets are basically dirty snowballs that orbit the sun. We usually think of comets as having “tails” but the tail does not develop until the comet gets close to the sun. This is because they are burning off gases. The tail is made up of two parts the ionized gas, which is bluish in color, and dust partials, which are yellowish in color. A comet’s orbit is elliptical and planets can have a gravitational effect on their orbital path.

Meteors are pieces of comets that have broken off. The pieces continue to travel the same path as the comet was going when it broke up. If Earth crosses this path we experience a meteor shower, and if some of those meteors fall to Earth, they are called meteorites.

I hope you now have a better understanding of our small piece of the universe. It is really amazing when you stop to consider how small we are, or how small the earth is compared to the rest of the  galaxy . I’ve only touched on a very small part of it!

Satellite TV – How it Works

Satellite television is the fastest growing programming provider in the country. While it’s becoming quite popular many people don’t have a clear understanding of how it works or why they need it. Satellite television uses satellites that orbit the earth to send programming signals to customers. The satellite providers use their own satellites that are capable of providing multiple channels at a time. The signals are sent from the satellite provider station to the satellite in space. The satellite then can redirect the signals to earth. The satellites must be set up to allow for consistent signals to earth.

Satellite signals are scrambled signals that require special decoding in order to be viewed. The signals go through the air and are captured by a customer’s satellite dish. Today’s satellite dishes are small and compact compared to those of even several years ago. Contrary to popular belief the satellite dish doesn’t need to be turned or adjusted once it is in place. This is due to more sophisticated signaling. It’s best to have your satellite installed professionally. The satellite company often provides expert installation at a reduced rate and sometimes even for free.

Satellite requires a receiver unit. The satellite dish is hooked up to the receiver via a cable that is run into the home. The receiver is placed next to the television set. The installer will hook up the television as well as any other devices you may have such as a DVD or VCR player. More than one television can be hooked up to the satellite dish allowing different programs to be watched at the same time.

The receiver unit may also be a DVR, digital recording device. The DVR allows you to rewind and pause live television, view more than one program at once and most importantly lets you quickly and easily record programs. The DVR records programs with a simple touch of the remote. The programs are recorded on the hard drive of the unit, which can store many hours of shows. Simple commands let you record all episodes of your favorite shows for later viewing.

The receiver provides updated programming so that you can see what is scheduled on the stations that you receive. You can choose the program package that suits you the best. There are typically several options to pick from. Basic satellite programming gives you the least amount of channels. Family programming usually gives the best selections. Deluxe programming gives you access to almost all the stations available. You can also add on to the programming. For example local channels aren’t usually included in standard packages. You can add local channels for a small monthly fee.

Local Digital Antenna With Unlimited Movie Device Access For Your Entertainment

Now days the monthly cost of subscribing to a local carrier to watch television shows has gotten very expensive. Everyone owns a computer, and pays for the internet. Why not hook a local digital antenna up to your television, and receive local digital channels free. You then could subscribe to Netflix, stream unlimited movies to your computer, and only pay twenty dollars or less. You are now making more use out of your monthly internet bill. You are saving a ton of money on television broadcast cost each month. This alone in less then a year, will pay for this new technology setup. This gives you more control on what movies you watch, and when you watch them. Yes you will have a lot less television shows, but on the Windows Media Center devices there are a lot of prime time television and additional shows to watch other then movies too, for no additional cost. Your local digital antenna will receive about seven to thirteen digital free channels, depending on signal, and broadcast strength of your antenna.

Setting up Your Local Television Digital Antenna Correctly

For your television signal to work right, you will need a digital antenna, line signal amplifier (approximately four-nine dollars), and RG-11 coax cable (Buy RG-11coax cable online (Sold at “Solid Signal” online thirty dollars for thirty feet of coax cable), local retail stores only carry the lower quality RG-6 coax cable.). The line signal amplifier is needed for the days and nights that are cloudy and stormy. I would also recommend RG-11 coax cable for running your cable from the digital antenna to the digital television. RG-11 is the best coax cable on the market, and keeps out the cell phone and microwave signals better. You still will get a little interference, but your line signal amplifier will power through this. The cost of all this will be around hundred and twenty dollars (This price is based on the cost of thirty feet of RG-11 coax cable). Once you install your new equipment you will not need to pay for this again, no monthly cost. Check and see if your television is equipped with an internal digital television tuner. Check your television’s manual or go online and look up the specifications of your manufacture’s television. If you do not have an internal digital tuner, you can buy an external one for around two hundred dollars or less. This again is one cost, and no monthly cost ever after. I preferred the external digital tuner, because my wife and I loved the electronic television guide that came with it. Something to think about, when purchasing all this fun stuff, even if you have an internal digital tuner in your current television.

Digital Antenna Cable Hook Up

Your antenna RG-11 coax cable will run from your antenna, to your digital television or external digital tuner. Follow the line signal amplifier instructions for proper hookup. If you do have an external tuner, then run an additional RG-11 coax cable or HDMI cable to the television, from the external digital tuner. It is this simple. The digital antenna can be mounted in the house, this way all the cabling and antenna stays out of the weather, less upkeep.

Unlimited Movie setup Using Windows Media Center

Now how do I get started with unlimited movies? Buy a Windows Media Center device for around hundred dollars. Subscribe to Netflix and buy the PlayOn software plug-in that installs on your Windows Media Center computer. PlayOn software cost forty dollars to buy. PlayOn supports Netflix, and streams the movies from the computer to the Windows Media Center device, which is connected to your television. Install the PlayOn software plug-in on your Windows Media Center computer. Configure the PlayOn settings to work with your Netflix account. When you are in the settings areas, make sure you check to see if you have the latest version of PlayOn software. Configure your Windows firewall to allow the PlayOn software to stream freely. Allow two files complete access, MediaMallServer.exe and SettingsManager.exe.

Here is some help with setting up your network to stream video correctly. For the PlayOn software to work right, place the Windows Media Center computer and Windows Media Center device on a network switch (twenty to thirty dollars for a network switch) together. A network switch is similar to a router, but has no software controlling the ports. This is important, to be able to stream your video at a fast rate, and not bog down your network. The network switch then is connected to one empty port of the router that has the ISP (Internet Service Provider) or WAN (World-Wide Area Network) connection.

Windows Media Center, PlayOn, and Windows Media Center device have been a great money saver, and home entertainment system for my family. It does require attention using the computer with PlayOn. PlayOn needs to be at the right version, or your movie will not start through the Windows Center Media device. Knowing this, it is easy to update the PlayOn software on the Windows Media Center computer, and get right back to watching some movies.

Unlimited Movie Setup Using a Gaming Console

Most gaming consoles like the Microsoft Xbox, Sony PlayStation, and Nintendo Wii can be used as media centers. You just simply subscribe to Netflix or the provider the game console supports, and it is that simple. You will be watching movies like you were just playing a game you bought. Even better, you can purchase movies through your game consoles, how cool is that!

Have fun setting your new low cost entertainment system up, a way to save.

Samsung Galaxy Tab With Adobe Flash Support

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is a mobile tablet style device that has garnered a lot of commercial attention since its release. One of the many features that convince people of its worth is the existence of version 10.1 Adobe Flash support within the device. Most android powered devices cannot handle Flash properly. However, the unique design scheme of the Galaxy Tab allows for both using and not using flash for those who are concerned about such things. With Flash on, the device can run with a great deal of smoothness involved. With it off it is a blazing fast machine that can handle pretty much anything that the average user will be able to throw at it.

There are many reasons to purchase the Samsung Galaxy Tab. Those reasons vary among the different customers and users. Some adore the concept of Adobe Flash on a mobile device. Other people do not recognize why this is so important and focus on other features such as the super amoled screen. There are a large number of features which recommend the Galaxy Tab highly. Those features can be found in part inside other devices. Few bring them all together in as attractive a package as this device, however.

The battery life, high-resolution screen, dual USB ports, and 3G connectivity are only a few of its keener aspects. This device is sought after by many. Unfortunately, the state of current economic times has decreed that many people simply cannot afford to buy one flat-out at a retail store. There is hope for these people, however.

Hope comes to those in search of a Galaxy Tab via two very useful methods of acquiring this device. The easiest, but most expensive, method will be wholesale reselling of the device. A more difficult tactic will involve a great deal of luck and tenacity. This second method includes playing lottery style games, winning sweepstakes, or accepting promotional giveaways.

The idea of buying a large number of Galaxy Tab devices might seem counter to the idea of receiving them for free or at a reduced cost. However, the truth is that wholesale reselling is the best way to acquire these devices without cost. The initial price of purchasing them in large numbers will be rendered moot once the extraneous units are sold. When they are purchased at whole sale prices they are typically between 50%- 70% of the cost of retail value for the device. This means that every one to two units sold completely pays for a second or third unit. Someone who buys one hundred units may be able to regain all of their money after selling 50 -70 units. The rest of these units are then technically free. Anything made from these units will be profit. There is nothing wrong with keeping a few of them for you or for friends and family. These numbers also scale downward nicely so that ten to twenty units can be bought and sold in the same way.

Outside of reselling these devices a free Samsung Galaxy Tab can be acquired through winning an online sweepstakes, promotion means, or simply by purchasing a handful of them. Some people give away Galaxy Tab accessories for free when the device is purchased at regular price.

Affordable TV Ads

Developing a marketing plan for your business can be time consuming and confusing. Print ads, the internet and radio spots all take time and effort. What’s more, they take a degree of creativity and knowledge. Many entrepreneurs use media to help them develop awareness of their brand name. TV ads are an ideal medium for reaching a large audience about your brand, company and product or service line.

Brand recognition is often half the battle when attempting to convert customers. If you take a moment to consider your own buying habits, you are likely to realize that in many cases you shop by brand alone. This concept has been bolsetered by the television industry and savvy business owners take full advantage of television ads to increase awareness of their brand.

Your product, like your business and yourself is unique – even if you are selling a common item, what you bring to the table is different than other similar business owners. When developing a television advertising campaign, your unique message must come shinning through. Whether you stand out because of the superior quality of your product or because of your above-board reputation for customer service, the best way to begin building affordable TV ads is to figure out just what is unique about your company and to build on that.

  1. Establish your Audience: Make sure that you understand who your audience is and target them. If you are selling B2B services, your audience would be business owners. This is essential for knowing the TV channels / networks and programs you would like to advertise on.
  2. Establish Interest: What makes your product unique and what differentiates you from your competition? You have to be able to communicate this message clearly and effectively.
  3. Establish Identity: Tell the viewers who your company is and what you do. Connect your identity to a slogan; everybody knows who it is when we say “15 minutes can save you 15% or more on car insurance.”
  4. Establish Trust: Mention any professional affiliations, testimonials or awards. Give some statistics regarding your product or services. This will get the attention of the viewer.
  5. Establish Action: You definitely must have a call to action at the end of the TV Commercial. Provide the viewer with a clear offer such as a “Free 30 minute consultation valued at $500” You have about 5 seconds to make the user act.

Working with a production company that specializes in developing affordable TV ads used to be the most cost effective way to get on TV. However, technology enables us to do this without spending $10,000+ for the production of a commercial. A creative team, working with the latest technology and a firm understanding of the consumer can help you develop one or more spots that showcase your company in the best light, build brand awareness and make you and your product line stand out. Animations are a great way to do this at an affordable cost for small and medium sized businesses.

It isn’t enough to produce a stand out spot; you must ensure that it is properly placed. It is a common misconception among new business owners that the only way to be successful with television advertisements is to place spots during prime time – and those spots are too expensive for new companies on a tight budget. By working with a company with a grip on the market and the leanings of consumers, you are likely to find that your product may do even better when placed in less visible time slots. A professional advertising company has the knowledge and talent to place ads in the best possible time slot for the least amount of money, allowing you to reach your targeted audience without spending the entire advertising budget on one ad.

TV ads, when professionally produced and properly placed can net you a huge return on your investment. As an addition to your overall marketing plan, these ads can serve as a spring board to draw potential customers to your website or even to simply convert them. Remember, it is possible to purchase professional televisions spots without breaking your bank.

We can get you a 30 second TV spot which will be viewed by 1 million people for $500. Price excludes the cost of animation & production. Contact us if you are interested in this new technology. You can call us at 1-800-736-9618.