Galaxy 5: Functions, Features and Fun

The Samsung Galaxy 5 is an incredible phone with tons of features and hidden capabilities. This Android phone has only been out for a few months, but has already sold over 10 million phones in this time. Compared to its predecessor(Samsung Galaxy 4), this phone delivers many upgrades that fans have asked for. One of the major upgrades this phone has is its high-definition camera. This camera comes with a High-Definition Refinement feature that allows you to add clarity to all of your pictures and videos. You can see all of your photos in natural light before and after the picture is taken.

When compared to the Samsung Galaxy 4 the quality of the screen is a lot sharper. Along with its high clarity screen, the Samsung 5 comes with an auto focus and selective focus option. Both of these options allow you to capture those special moments in the highest quality. The Ultra Power Saving Mode is perfect for extending the battery life of your phone. As your phone begins to lose more power, it will automatically go into a power saving mode. This mode will allow you to receive phone calls and text messages, by limiting the functions of the phone. The main screen will either turn all white or completely black to notify you of the limited power. There is also an estimated maximum standby time. This will notify you of the amount of time left before your phone dies. The time will be depend a number of factors including: weather, amount of use and the device’s settings.

The Samsung 5 design allows it to be both water proof as well as dust proof. With its rugged design you will never have to worry about it becoming unresponsive because of a little water damage. This phone can even be used to help you monitor your health and ensure that your heart is functioning properly. The heart monitor function will allow you to measure your heart rate during exercise. This is perfect for fitness enthusiasts who perform high intensity workouts. This monitor will also ensure that your heart rate is not too high during daily activities. You simply need to place your thumb on the heart monitor pad on the back of the phone. Along with the heart monitor there is also a S health pedometer. This will help you constantly track your calories, walking distance, and duration of your exercise.

Determining the Best Media Niche to Promote Your Product

Five hundred press releases is the average daily number delivered to the New York Times every day. When you get to major metropolitan daily newspapers, the number drops to about 250, and 100 for community weeklies. Most local TV stations are in the 200 range and radio is around 100.

Per day.

So, with competition like that, how do you make the most of your PR promotions and campaigns, and not get lost in the shuffle? Well, the first step is to know how to pick the right media for your message. The better you target your media, and match your message to the medium, the better your chances of getting noticed and rising above the din.

You first need to look at the message and ask yourself a few pointed questions. Is it newsworthy? Is it consumer related? Could it have a local twist? Is there a visual aspect to it? Is it a topic I can have a long conversation about? What age group am I targeting? Is there a financial income I’m targeting? The answer to these questions will help you determine the correct medium.

Let’s Take TV First

Whether it is a morning, noon or evening newscast, TV communicates to the audience through pictures. It is all visual. A producer is looking for something “camera-worthy” that’s also newsworthy, entertaining, informative, or a “how-to.” But if you don’t think your message can be visual, think again.

Consider the case of the life insurance agency, who wanted a PR firm to arrange local and national TV appearances for their CEO. The headline created by the PR firm for the pitch was “Can You Afford to Survive without Your Spouse?” and the interview discussion was about the need for women and children to be protected financially due to the death of their husband.

For a visual, the client prepared big, attractive graphs showing the mortality rate of women versus men, which told a powerful story. It wound up being a very successful interview for the client as well as the media.

Each newscast, believe it or not, is written specifically for a targeted audience based on age, profession and income. For instance, early morning news shows are usually watched by working adults and families getting ready for school. Noon shows are aimed for stay at home moms and retired individuals. Late night news is usually targeted for younger business people.

Matching Up with the World of Talk Radio

Radio talk shows, in contrast to TV, communicate through words rather than pictures. It’s conversational, so your message should lend itself to a discussion about the problem your expertise can address.

Like TV, radio talk shows vary from morning to night. Morning shows, as you might suspect, generally have shorter interviews during “drive time.” With news, weather sports and traffic, talk show hosts don’t have time for 30-minute interviews.

Midday shows, now run the gamut of topics since so many people listen to the radio at work. Today, you’ll even find lots of business shows airing during the work hours.

After work is the second “drive time” of the day. Listeners are more relaxed then, and it’s more conducive to a longer interview.

And don’t discount those overnight shows. Think no one’s listening? You’d be mistaken. Evening and overnight interviews reach a broad audience of listeners, including 2nd and 3rd shift workers, public service employees, truckers and many people who work overnight.

Getting Yourself in Print

Magazines and newspapers resemble radio and TV in that they’re looking for the newsworthy, the entertaining and the informative as well. Providing valuable information for a publication’s readers, especially in the form of tips – can often land placement. As well, certain segments of the print media also like visuals.

For example, if you’re pitching your interior design firm or custom jewelry collection – send photos with your pitch. Or, if you have a cook book, make sure to include a delectable dish photo. Whenever appropriate, photos can help you make the grade.

12 Nifty Ways to Stream Internet Movies at Home

What if you could watch all your favorite movies and TV shows from the comfort of your home – whenever you wanted to watch them. Wouldn’t that get your pixels firing on all cylinders?

Well, now you can!

Of course, this is nothing new, since one obvious way to do this is through your cable company which more than likely already offers On Demand movies and programs. However, there are many drawbacks to these cable services, with cost being the major concern.

But forget cable services, that’s strictly old school. Right now we are entering the dawn of a new age in home entertainment — heralding the arrival of Multiplex TV.

Mainly because we are seeing the fusion of your TV and computer screen. The marriage of your TV screen with your computer screen is fast approaching, if it hasn’t already arrived. Probably eloped while you weren’t watching; but many smart consumers have already taken note and taken advantage of these two merging entertainment forces.

Although using the Internet as a vehicle to deliver high-quality entertainment to your TV screen is still in its infancy, there are quite a number of services and products out there which will allow viewers to gain access to streaming on-demand TV programs, movies and original online content via the web. These services will greatly expand the level of your home entertainment experience and enjoyment.

So the real question is where and how do I gain access to this vast and powerful online database of streaming media?

There are numerous services you can choose from and some of them are even free, while most are subscription based. Regardless, all will provide you with more than enough content for totally enjoying online streaming media from the comfort of your home.

Here, in my opinion, are the best options available right now and a few upcoming ones you should know about.

1. TVersity

TVersity is a free program you can download for free from TVersity works by installing a media server on your PC that will transmit your media to anywhere you like. In conjunction with a gaming console such as PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360, TVersity will open up to you a wide variety of media from the internet. One of the main features that make TVersity so great is that it can convert your files into the correct format for easy streaming. This is very important because certain gaming consoles can only play certain file formats. TVersity eliminates any playback problems, no matter what type of media hub you’re using such as Wii, Xbox 360, PS3, iPhone, PSP, or others.

2. Vizio’s Connected HDTVs (Coming in Fall 2009)

Vizio is planning to have their own Internet-enabled high-definition TV set which is coming out in the Fall of 2009. The details are still in the works, but these Television sets should have the capability to connect to your home internet feed, through an Ethernet connection or a wireless signal, allowing you to access all the online content providers, such as Netflix, Amazon and Blockbuster. If these TV sets actually produce even half of what they are promising, it may be a worthwhile investment and you should hold out until they are released if buying a TV is high on your list of things to do.

3. LG’s NetCast Entertainment Access HDTV (Coming in May and June 2009)

This spring LG is introducing a Television set that has their NetCast Entertainment Access function built in. Perhaps, seeing the potential Blu-ray players have with streaming capability, LG has opted to do away with the box altogether. There will be four internet-enabled TV sets: the 42LH50 and 47LH50 LCD TVs and the 50PS80 and 60PS80 plasmas. All the television sets will allow access to Netflix, CinemaNow and YouTube; eliminating the need for alternative devices by gaining access through an Ethernet connection.

4. Media Mall’s PlayOn Digital Media Server (Price: $40)

Media Mall is a third-party software that lets you watch Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, CBS, CNN, ESPN and more on your TV. Basically, it enhances the streaming functions of your video game console. You can run the program on your Windows PC and this allows your gaming console to access streaming data via your computer, to be displayed on your TV set. Isn’t technology wonderful?

5. Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 (Price: $199 – $299; $399 – $499)

The Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 are not just gaming consoles, they also have the ability to be full featured media centers. For example, Xbox 360 is capable of supporting Netflix streaming and Xbox Live MarketPlace allows for the purchasing of movies or TV shows. PlayStation 3 has a similar feature, the PlayStation Network Store, which you can download video content to the internal hard drive for viewing. Plus, by adding third-party software, your Xbox and PlayStation 3 can be made to support internet streaming from, Amazon On Demand and other such movie providers.

6. LG BD 370 Blu-ray Player (Price: $330)

This LG Blu-ray player comes equipped with NetCast Entertainment Access. You can stream video from Netflix, YouTube and CinemaNow. (CinemaNow is similar to Amazon Video On Demand) The LG BD 370 will quickly become a main asset to anyone’s Home Entertainment Network.

7. Samsung BD-P1600/BD-P4600 Blu-ray Player ($229 – $499)

The Samsung BD-P1600 and BD-P4600 allows for Netflix and Pandora instant streaming, you can also listen to great tunes or watch your favorite movies. They are both Profile 2.0 Blu-ray players, bringing you great high-definition quality from using Blu-ray Discs. Connection to the internet is by an Ethernet port.

8. Roku Digital Video Player ($99)

The Roku Digital Video Player is a very cheap way to bring streaming internet media to your Television set. It was released when Netflix launched its “Watch Instantly” program. You connect the player to your home network via an Ethernet cable and you can then select from a wide range of standard to high-definition connections to your television set. The Roku player supports Amazon On Demand as well, giving you another great choice on how to watch your movies. You will get more than 50,000 titles from Amazon Video On Demand and Netflix, with many available in HD.

9. Vudu ($149)

Like Roku Digital Video Player, Vudu is a box you connect to your Television set giving you access to over 13,000 movies. Vudu can be a perfect addition to your home entertainment network. You can also listen to music from Pandora via Vudu Labs on your television set.

10. Netflix ‘Watch Instantly’

Netflix subscribers who have plans of $8.99 or more can take advantage of Netflix’s “Watch Instantly” program, giving them access to over 12,000 movies. You can access this program through your Windows PC, Intel-based Macs, or a number of other devices such as Roku Digital Video Player, LG BD 370 Blu-ray Player, Samsung BD-P1600 Blu-ray Player, and Samsung BD-p4600 Blu-ray play.

11. Amazon Video On Demand

Amazon’s Video On Demand has a current catalog of more than 40,000 titles to choose from, including HD movies and TV shows which are available for watching in the comfort of your living room. You can either purchase or rent these movies/TV shows and prices range from around $14.99 to $2.99. It provides a convenient way for you to watch High-definition quality movies and TV shows on your TV, all without ever having to leave the house. Amazon Video On Demand in HD is currently available on the following compatible devices, the Roku Digital Video Player, TiVo S3, the Sony DMXNV1 Bravia Internet Video Link, and Panasonic VIERA Cast enabled HDTVs.


Together, NBC Universal and News Corp have produced which provides full-length, DVD quality internet streams of movies and TV shows for FREE. Of course you do have to deal with a few 15 to 30 seconds commercials every now and then, but the benefits will outweigh this inconvenience for many viewers.

As you can plainly see by the variety and number of different ways you can access streaming movies and TV shows via the Internet; home entertainment is definitely going through a major transition and everyone wants in on the action and potential profits. The ordinary viewer has a whole array of options and choices when it comes to choosing the system that will deliver their streaming videos, movies and TV programs. It makes for a perfect marriage, now lets bring on the honeymoon.

Samsung Galaxy Portal AKA I5700 Galaxy Spica

The latest Android phone from Samsung has now been released, the new Samsung  Galaxy  Portal AKA  Galaxy  Spica has found a new colour scheme and made its way onto the Virgin Mobile network for an exclusive launch period.

A 3.2 inch touch screen phone, the White Samsung  Galaxy  Portal takes the rest of the features found in the original black Samsung Spica model and encases them in a new white housing with green accents for a fresh and funky new look.

Still present is the 3.2 mega pixel camera on the rear of the phone as is WiFi, GPS and a comprehensive music player, being an Android phone the  Galaxy  Portal also offers access to the Android market where you’ll find thousands of new applications, tools, entertainment and games to download to  your  phone.

This new Samsung device runs on a powerful 800MHz processor which makes for fast web browsing, application loading and user experience, users can zip through the menu system and load the phones features on screen in an instant with no lag time.

Taking on the might of the recently launched Motorola Milestone, Sony Ericsson X10 and LG GW620 the Portal makes a worthy contender in the Android phone market, although not on a par in terms of camera quality with the other models offering a 5.0 mega pixel lens this phone more than makes up for this in speed.

Rival handsets not of the Android kind also come in the form of the new Nokia X6 with the same 3.2 inch touch screen and Nokia N97 Mini, LG Pop which is a little slimmer, the HTC Touch 2 which is a Windows phone and the Samsung Omnia 2 from within the manufacturers own ranks.

The Samsung i5700  Galaxy  Portal joins the original i7500 model which is a phone with a bigger footprint and slightly better specifications including a 5.0 mega pixel camera for those that are keen on mobile photography, although smaller the i5700 does not lack in terms of features and the camera is one of very few changes between the handsets.

Although released as a network exclusive phone on Virgin Mobile the Samsung  Galaxy  Portal is expected to be offered on other networks as soon as this limited period is over, the original black edition is currently only available on T-Mobile but again will find new network partners after the exclusive period finishes.

What Are Streaming Media Players?

Streaming media players, or media streamers, are simple little devices that plug into a standard TV, and convert it into a smart TV. They enable you to stream the content that you would ordinarily watch on devices like laptops directly onto the TV in your living room or any room of the house. This means that you can watch content from Netflix, iPlayer, and even YouTube on a full sized TV instead of watching it on a 15″ monitor.


The key to a good streaming player is that it must be simple to use. Most people opt for a streamer because they don’t want the hassle of plugging a laptop directly into their TV, navigating the laptop, and eventually buffering the content onto the TV screen. They want to be able to view the content they see online, but they want the ease and convenience of using a TV and set top box in the living room.

As such, streaming media players are designed to be simple and intuitive. They should be easy to install, easier to use, and have very little to master in order to offer their benefits to users.

Channels Are Everything

The media player itself is, in a lot of cases, inconsequential. It is the quality and breadth of channels, or content apps, that are available on the chosen device that really determines whether it is a good deal or not.

Devices like the Chromecast, the Apple TV Player, and even the Now TV Box, are geared specifically towards the content of the companies that they represent. The various Roku models that are available, on the other hand, offer access to more than 700 channels regardless of whether you buy the cheap, entry model, or the overly advanced Roku 3 player.

There are free channels available, including terrestrial catch up TV services, but there are also premium subscriptions services such as Netflix. The latter will typically offer access to a greater range of content, and will enable you to choose from a larger selection of films and TV series.

HD Content

Check the channels and the media streamer itself to ensure that you can enjoy HD content through your device. You will obviously also need an HD compatible TV, but most devices work through HDMI so this will be a given in most instances. The Roku 1 player is the exception, because this can be used even on TVs that do not have an HDMI connection.

The Controller

Some players require the use of your smartphone or other mobile device in order that you can change channels, mess with the volume, and navigate the menus. Some buyers will like this feature, but many people that are buying a streaming media player want a TV-like experience so they will prefer a standard TV remote. The Apple TV Player offers a stunning looking remote, and all Roku devices include remotes.

Additional Features

Some devices offer additional features. The Roku 3 player, for example, offers motion gaming with access to a free Angry Birds game, and it also includes a USB port so that you can watch, view, or listen to your own content on the device.

Choosing the right media streamer will enable you to enjoy the best quality content, and it will ensure that you have all the features and benefits that you are looking for.

Samsung Galaxy S2 – A Remarkable and Fast Android Phone

The new Samsung i9100 Galaxy S2 is a high-end mobile phone complied with tempting features and an incredible look. The super-slim phone is only 8.5 mm thick and 125.3 mm long which enables the handset to sink decently in our palm. At present, it’s the slimmest mobile phone of Samsung available on the market. Users would like to grab the phone at first sight, since it has the capability to deliver cutting edge solutions for your demands.

Its large 4.3″ super AMOLED Plus capacitive touchscreen displays 16 millions colors which promises stunningly sharp & cool viewing experience to the end-user. Samsung Galaxy S2 is one of the best multimedia mobile phone that gives you more than your demands like 1080p video support, USB on-the-go and TV-out port. With the help of 1080p video support, you can enjoy full HD movies right on your i9100 Galaxy S2 and able to connect it with compatible HD TV’s for watching movies & other stuffs on big screens. The screen is wide enough to showcase full 160 words text matter and lengthy emails at one go. Now, no scrolling down or up to read the SMS or email on your phone.

The new Samsung Galaxy S2 is a pocket PC as it comes with dual-core 1.2GHz A9-processor and 1GB RAM which definitely boosts the overall performance of this gadget. Now, experience the speed in your running applications which you never experienced in other smartphones due to lack of virtual memory & low profile processors. As the phone is loaded with Android OS, so you can expect more user-friendliness with its interface. Google is one of the leading players of Internet and now he decided to provide something more powerful & easier mobile platform to the users and the result is Android Gingerbread OS which you can experience in Samsung Galaxy S2.

With the help of this Samsung mobile, you can receive lighting fast internet speed of upto 21Mbps via 3G connections. Now, think about the buffering or slow speed problem on GPRS connections which you experienced while accessing live streaming or internet. Say good-bye to it and prepare yourself for superb speed on your mobile phone. Well, Samsung Galaxy SII is loaded with all the useful business applications like document editor, Google Search, Maps and Gmail which helps you in many ways. Adobe Flash 10.1 is an added advantage for its internet browser.

The manufacturer stands by every word said about its upscale gadget. Packed with latest features, the Galaxy S2 is all set to rock your heart and soul. One of the prominent features of this rocking device is its high-end 8MP camera with autofocus and LED flash. In addition, it has a secondary 2MP camera for making clear video calls. Users can take pictures and make videos with amazing clarity and can send the photos and videos to their friends’ mobiles right from their mobile.

Its expandable memory can store numerous of photos and videos for future use. The long list of features of i9100 Galaxy SII also contains intuitive 3D games and music system. The phone is available in black color that goes well with every dress. The handset can be used as a pocket PC, camera, gaming console, music system and as a simple calling device.

Live TV – Watch it Over the Internet

We all love watching live TV broadcasts. But have you ever thought of enjoying TV through other forms? What are the choices? Number one: you can watch your favorite TV shows over the television, be it a flat-screen TV, or LCD. Number two: you can watch TV over the Internet. Yes, today it’s possible.

TV on PC – Imagine watching TV shows on your personal computer, or better yet, watching TV shows on your laptop. That’s portable TV! Now, you don’t have to grumble and complain about missing the morning news on your way to work. You can actually take it with you!

Just imagine the possibilities. And, that’s not even the best part yet. By watching live TV through your computer, you can take advantage of the many benefits of satellite TV for PC. This article will give you some of the benefits of Internet TV that will surely interest you.

No subscription fees!

Yes, no more monthly subscription fees. Getting a satellite or cable TV service would usually mean an installation fee and a subscription fee that you have to pay for every month. With Internet TV, you only pay for a one-time, small setup fee and then you can enjoy full service. You wouldn’t pay for recurring fees or any form of monthly subscription fees anymore. Just imagine how much you could save over the years from those monthly cable and satellite subscription bills?

Assortment of Channels

With Internet TV, you get lots of channels. In fact, you can get up to 3,000 plus TV stations from over 70 countries worldwide. With that large number, you have a wide selection of what to watch – sports, movies, shopping, music, news, weather, politics, religion, education, kid’s stations, and even premium channels that would usually cost you a lot money just to watch. You also get to watch local, regional, and national broadcast so you can really get in tune with the rest of the world. If you’re originally from Japan and migrated to the US, then you can cure your homesickness by tuning in to your favorite Japanese TV station.

Why You Should Try It

It’s really easy. If you want to be one of the several who are now enjoying TV on their computers, then all you have to do is download an Internet TV software. Once you pay for it and the payment is received, you are then directed to a downloading Web site where you can get the software. Download it, follow instructions, and enjoy full service within a matter of seconds. The software is compatible with all Windows versions and is very easy to use.

Basically, that’s all you need. You wouldn’t have to get additional hardware or a TV card. There’s even no need for a satellite dish or receiver. All you need to have is a computer, an Internet connection, and the software! And then, you get to enjoy TV on your computer.

Connecting Television to Internet Videos

YouTube videos have created a revolution on the Internet. The only disadvantage is perhaps the lack of public viewer ship of the Internet in comparison with Television and the lack of censored videos. TV still remains the most popular medium. Internet is far from being used by a majority of the population. An average house hold has a television, but does not have access to the Internet.

The time has come to connect these two mediums. There has been some technology that has been developed to connect the medium of television to the medium of Internet. Since this has been done we can see the commercialization of services that play videos without copyright violations on Television.

The advantages are enormous. The cable operators can choose from a high volume collection of videos, snippets and movies. Caution must be exercised to choose censored material that is without adult content and other provocative material.

However it may be possible for a team of Internet technicians to search the Internet for high quality videos. These can be uploaded on to a few servers. These servers can be made accessible to the Cable TV operators. Technology can be developed to receive TV specific Internet pages on Television.

There can be a show that hosts the best of you tube and the Internet to the world of TV audience. Also there can be an on demand service of you tube requests that can be streamed continuously to TV audiences. So what are we waiting for, let us catch the next Best of you tube on TV!

Now Live Your Dreams With the Samsung Galaxy S

Samsung gadgets are known for their quality performance and for lower rates. Earlier the brand was recognized because of its fantastic electronic devices like refrigerator, television, air conditioners, microwaves but it has now jumped into the mobile phone industry and now is famous for producing some extraordinary handsets. Samsung  Galaxy  S is another example of its brilliance.

The handset is measuring 122.4 x 64.2 x 9.9 mm and weighing just 119 grams. The handset is working on boh 2G and 3G networks. Some cheap Samsung  Galaxy  S deals can be considered in both online and online markets.Now also it has stunned the market with a new invention named as Samsung  Galaxy  S.Talking about its features then the handset has a large 4.0 inches super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen displaying 16M colors and have a resolution of 480 x 800 pixels.

It also contains a touchWiz 3.0 UI and multi-touch input method. Now the good news is that it will provide you a superb audio quality with 3.5 mm audio jack. In addition, the gadget is equipped with Bluetooth, USB, GPRS/EDGE support, Wi-Fi, 5 mega pixel camera which has a resolution of 2592 x 1944 pixels and also consists autofocus, geo-tagging, touch focus and face detection.

The handset is operating on Android OS v2.1 and running on ARM Cortex A8 1 GHz processor. Its primary features are SMS, MMS, Email, Push Email, IM, Stereo FM radio SND plenty more. This is a must buy handset if you are looking out for a reliable gadget.Orange, O2, Virgin, Vodafone, Three, T-mobile are the leading network service providers in UK where you can pick some great Samsung  Galaxy  S contract deals. All you have to do is to sign on a contract with a provider you want to stick with.

The duration of contract can be of 12, 18 or 24 months. In the mean while you can take the benefit of all the services provided by the network providers. Now you must be wondering that where to make some cheap Samsung  Galaxy  S Contract deals? Then let us remind you that Internet is the most convenient option around. So have a proper look in websites and make a cheap deal.

TV Psychics And Mediums

There are innate difficulties in proving the existence of the ‘after life’ or the spirit world; some people ardently believe that there is life after death and that they are a channel or link from earthly life to this strange, unproven world.

But, at the opposite end of the scale are those people who believe that it is all fake; the soul departs a dead body, they cannot explain where it goes or why, believing that psychics are preying on vulnerable people.

There is nowhere that this debate is more hotly pursued than in the realm of TV psychics – are they true? Is it all camera trickery? Ear pieces and information about people must surely be sourced and passed to the ‘entertainer’? Is it as simple as this?

TV psychics – entertainers or real psychics?

Let’s be honest; those people who are self-employed, whether that is as medium, fortune teller or local plumber, you need a certain sense of the commercial world you operate in. It is no different for a celebrity psychic, looking to spread their talent and keep the bank balance healthy.

However, let us not take a mercenary turn, where we label all TV psychics are people seeking their fortune at the expense of others; for many genuine mediums and spiritualists operating in this way, this is not the case. There is a very real need and concern to spread the message from the other side to the people who need to receive them.


There is a process called cold reading, and involves a subtle trickery that many people are not wise too until the moment has passed. It is the power of suggestion and, with practice, anyone can do it. A client or member of the audience may be asked what their worry is; “my job”, they may reply. From this, the medium can create a whole set of scenarios or situations and the audience member could agree, or give off other signals, cleverly read and used to form the twists and turns of the conversation.

Do all TV psychics operate this way?

No, for genuine mediums will receive a bundle of information, if you like, within their mind, none of which will make instant sense. Those people seeking arguments to debunk mediums as genuine tend to focus on this lack of clarity as a way of proving it is all entertainment. Surely, they say, if a loved one was coming through they would say a password or give their name, or some other titbit of information that would make them instantly recognisable?

But earthly life is not simple is it? Full of misunderstanding and conflicting information, we do not live in a world that is simple, expecting the afterlife to be ordered and sensible seems at odds when you consider the perpetual confusion of earthly existence.

And so…

TV psychics, along with others who ‘perform’ to mass audiences are complex characters, some using their ability and skill in a positive way to enhance the understanding of the afterlife but others, take advantage, with one eye on the monetary prize… you decide – fake or real?